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Also very affectionate. But as weeks flew by, he started to be really controlling, and aggressive..

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Everytime i wanted to be alone, he wouldnt allow it. When i left him he became obbsessive. Started calling me everyday , messaging me, stalking my social medias.. Had to change my number and block him.. Ask him. So if you want your leo man to know how you feel, yer just gonna have to buck up and speak your peace.

Can you tell me what can I do differently. I am sometimes aggressive and that when he goes into his shell.

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I recently had the experience of dating a Leo Man, me a Pisces female. It was a beautiful and magnificant love. However, I could never get passed how emotionally cold he would be. The constant manipulation of arguments that always reared back to his feelings. I thought pisces were suppose to be the sensitive ones? I realized that his life always came first. In short, he became like a vampire; sucking me dry of all my love, support, and compassion. It became exhausting. Leo men are so dominating and in no way want to feel controlled so compromise doesnt work well for them.

Note to all Pisces ladies, you will have to be the one to compromise greatly and endure your own suffering in silence. He will not be there for you. In the end, he will apologize and heal your wounds with his charm, but he will not change. I wanna know pisces r players or heartbreakers. I heard some cancer said about that.

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  7. Some other signs also saying that they r flirts. Is it true? And Leo is a fixed sign so we are very very different in that sense. I have been talking to a Pisces man about 4 mounth now. Im not sure if I like him to. He told me he rather be with me than them. After some tips from an astrology crazy friend and reading articles like this, I know my husband displays a lot more of the Pisces traits than he does the Aquarius. And this article is pretty accurate. When we first met, we were drawn to each other, and it WAS like he was being drawn in by rays of sunshine while I was looking to protect this fragile fish from harm.

    I definitely agree that you have to handle a Pisces man with a soft hand, as I tend to become boorish and loud when incited to anger and this only causes my husband to retreat into his shell, infuriating me further. He never complains, just says that he wants me to do what makes me happy. I, in turn, am more than willing to provide him the protection and loyalty he needs to remain calm. I am in love with a Leo man which I adore to bits. Reading the article put some things into perspective. We have been dating for seven month and cant get enough of each other.

    He loves my gentle ways and i get really turned on by his strong dominace in the room. Being with this man has been a complete blessing thus far and we truly compliment each other and yes…the picses chickita is able to put aside somethings just to accomodate the one he loves!

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    It works both ways once there is an understanding. I am a Leo woman and have been with a Pisces man for 3 years. We started dating when I was 18 and he was After about a year and a half of our relationship he needed time alone to figure himself out. We were apart for 4 months and it was extremely hard on me.

    Since then it has been very hard for me to let go of wha happened during that time although he was not unfaithful. I need so much passion and romance and constant reassurance and he is usually good at giving me that unless he becomes withdrawn. So far I have been with my Pisces Man for 9 months.

    The only way he controls me is by grabbing me by the waist my kryptonite and I hand over the spotlight. When we are alone I act very fragile so that he feels like a man, and doesn't think that he's whipped. So in a way, I take and give and he does the same.

    He lets me have my moments of shine, and I embrace them when they happen. It's a good partnership. I had a Pisces man and it was amazing for about a year. We are no longer together as he needs infinite space to make what he thinks are accurate decisions. I will never underestimate the sensitivity of any man picses or not! Missing him is like having a black hole in my life.

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    Be cautious leos! I am in a new relationship with a pisces man, so far so good but he does not compliment me enough. But he treats me better than any man I have dealth with in the past, I would love to spend the rest of my life with him, wonder if he feels the same. I have had 4 to 5 men for years and I am ready to settle down. I am a leo woman in love with a pisces man. This article sounds about right. He understands me very well so he knows I love attention, so he gives it to me.

    I just absolutely love everything about him and it is a very deep, meaningful relationship. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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    How would you rate this relationship:. This site is free and open to everyone, but our registered users get extra privileges like commenting, and voting. Remember Me. Toggle navigation. Leo and Pisces Compatibility. You may have the tendency to take on the burdens of your loved ones, but luckily your positive attitude can keep your spirits up. In love, find a partner that shares in your romantic, honest and optimistic nature, as you are quite vulnerable to the manipulation of others.

    A gifted communicator and compassionate, your natural abilities create several career options for you to explore. Your understanding may be a welcome addition to the world of business, advertising or public relations. Your interest in people could translate into success in humanitarian careers, such as teaching, social work or counseling. Similarly, you may use your gifts for communication to relate to audiences as a journalist or writer, which was the case for John Steinbeck, who was also born on February 27th.

    If you are musically inclined, your gifts may lead to lyrical success, much like Rozonda Chilli Thomas, another of your celebrity birthday twins. The Sabian Symbol for your birthday is a jockey, intent on outdistancing his rivals, spurring his horse to great speed. This symbol suggests that you may be approaching a competition in your own life.

    If your goals are within reach, mobilize your drive, energy and skill to obtain success. Here are a few Pisces celebrities born on February 27th and their past or present romantic connections:. Famous Birthdays.

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