Horoscope january 16 gemini or gemini

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The Gemini-Cancer Cusp

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Venus Retrograde Gemini

Daily Compatibility. The Moon's first visit to Gemini for the year is also the first since Venus returned to your relationship sector, with the two set to clash over the coming days. Yet just days before a total lunar eclipse in your communication sector, this is a chance to shake things loose and get buried emotional responses to the surface, ready to find their voice.

Capricorn-Aquarius Cusp ~January 16-23~ (Mystery & Imagination)

Soul Mates The True Nature of Your Soul — knowing how the various influences of your spiritual nature combine together will help you make the most of your emotional and relating skills as well as discover unique abilities that can be awakened. Fun, flirty, curious, intellectual, affectionate, devoted, sensitive, inspirational. You're an upbeat individual who can put a positive spin on practically anything, no matter how heavy life gets. You have a fun, fresh way of socializing and love to dive into witty conversations and lively debates. Your gentle, caring demeanor allows you to be a comforter and advisor to friends and family, enriching your closest relationships with endless love and nurturing.

You love talking with others about their feelings and helping them through their emotional difficulties, but do you ever take your own advice? You keep your own needs and desires very guarded and aren't keen on expressing yourself as often as you encourage others to. This emotional blockage can make you moody and overly sensitive.

Daily Horoscope for Your Zodiac Sign

It can affect your relationships and prevents you from achieving the things you really want in life. Open up to yourself and your loved ones as they do with you! You'll feel relieved, supported, and truly centered. You're a quirky, fun individual who is energized by stimulating conversation and easygoing activities. You need someone who is bright, lively, and will appreciate your sensitive side and stick by you no matter what.

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  4. Fire signs will bring the excitement and positivity you need to your relationships, but may not be as loyal or present as you'd like. Water signs make wonderful, supportive partners. You may have to deal with their depressive tendencies, but you're already great at that! Express yourself! Don't get bogged down by continuously helping others through their emotional breakdowns. If you're overwhelmed trying to juggle your own feelings along with everyone else's, take the time to talk about it -- conversation is one of your strong suits, so use it to your advantage.

    Stop clamming up about your own insecurities and learn to trust others the way you expect them to trust you. By Tarot.